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Wood Wands Handmade in the Pacific Northwest

Based in Eastern Oregon, Wand Culture is the happy outcome of a hobby turned business. We specialize in our one-of-a-kind wooden wands and nerdy, pop-culture goods. We are often found selling in-person at Renaissance Faires and Comic Cons. All our wands are thoughtfully carved by hand and each one is its own unique piece of art.  

The Wandmaker

JJ Hill is an Eastern Oregon based artist, musician, comedian, writer, and filmmaker. Often self-described as a “jack-of-all-trades”, JJ has held many different types of jobs since a young age. He has a theater degree, was a successful college recruiter, educator, administrator and, most recently, he was a contestant on season 22 of hit television show NBC’s The Voice.

While filming the independent movie “Out of Character” during the Summer of 2021, JJ started carving wooden wands as gifts for the volunteer cast & crew. Inspired by the magical atmosphere of movie making and a strong desire to bring joy and happiness to people around him, a wandmaker’s journey began.

Wand carving quickly became an engaging and motivating project and creative outlet. While busy filming in California for reality television show “The Voice”, JJ kept up the hobby of wandmaking and once again distributed joy filled wooden wands to cast, crew, and the coaches he met during his stay.

Requests for wands have been pouring in ever since. Through this journey, Wand Culture, LLC was born. Along with his wife and their two unhelpful dogs, JJ now runs the wand making business as a passion project full of creativity and joy.